Wednesday, January 29, 2014



 pixie dress & tequila platforms

collar harness & ginger platforms


rogue top & devon oxfords

zoe: storm top, joan jacket, jim shorts and devon oxfords; madison: zeta & nancy set and sid platforms; kyle: monty pants and leo oxfords

pixie dress, joan jacket & jane flats

zeta top, nancy skirt and helga platforms

romeo top, monty pants & devon oxfords
rogue top & olga platforms

rogue top, custom dress, tequila platforms
zoe: chantelle sawyer
madison: claudia varoujan
kyle: jake sutter

Here at Deandri, we love American Horror Story. Every season the show has a different theme. The current season 'Coven', takes place in Salem, which is widely known for witchcraft. This season we were inspired by the overall theme and styling of the show. As well as the 'American Horror Story' Facebook "United in Black" album of which they post fans 'Coven' Inspired pictures. We have kept the theme of the story very similar to the show. If you watch, we hope you can see our sources of inspiration. If you have not seen the show, we suggest you start on that now! Tonight is the season finale so we wanted to put together a lil' shoot to show our love. We are so excited to see what happens and who is the next supreme!

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